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Who is Digibrand?

Digibrand is a landing page and digital marketing website creation service that focuses on system security and website speed. We have a vision to become a digital marketing focused on branding and conversion that is trusted, professional, and oriented towards the results desired by clients. as well as helping business owners or SMEs, to build websites through the services provided by Digibrand.



A landing page is usually a special page that is the destination of a visitor and contains more detailed and specific information about products, services, offers, etc. So it can be concluded that the landing page is a page specifically for the marketing mindset.

landing page services

Website Landingpage Services DIGIBRAND

Main Benefits of Using
Website Landingpage

Branding & User friendly

We create a Landingpage Website according to your business brand and as effective as possible by adapting it to your business category based on ease of access (user friendly).

Focus On Offers

Website Landing Pages make your target market focus on what you offer, thereby minimizing visitors having to jump to other pages.

Efficient And Cost Effective

Without providing special time and extra costs, you can save on both. Landing page work can be completed more quickly under certain conditions

Increase Conversions

A professional website landing page, with the right call to action, also known as CTA, can help increase your sales turnover.


Various Website Landingpage Packages to Suit Your Needs

The Best Investment for Your Business


Suitable for promoting your services & products through Ads
Rp 300K
/ Year
  • 1 Landing Page sesuai Demo
  • Copywriting + 4 menu + Blog
  • Domain.my.id 1 th
  • User Access + Web Edit Guide
  • Mobile & Live chat
  • online website a year
  • Hosting Standard
  • Free Posting 20 Post Blog
  • Costum Desain
  • Email Profesional SSL


Suitable for promoting your services & products through Ads
Rp 600K
/ Year
  • 5 Pages according to Demo
  • Copywriting + 4 Menu + Blog
  • Domain.com 1 th
  • User Access + Web Edit Guide
  • Mobile Live Chat
  • online website a year
  • Hosting Standard
  • Free Posting 50 post blog
  • Costum Desain
  • Email Profesioanl SSL


Suitable for those of you who have several superior products
Rp 1 jta
  • 5 Pages according to Demo
  • Copywriting + 4 Menu + blog
  • Domain .com 1th
  • User Access + Web Edit Guide
  • Mobile & Live chat
  • Online website a year
  • Hosting Standard
  • Free Posting 200 page
  • 1 Page Costum Desain
  • Email Profesional SSL
Best Seller


Suitable for company scale
Branding & Sales Focus
Rp 2 jta
/ Year
  • 5 Landing Pages according to Demo
  • Copywriting + 4 Menu + Blog
  • Domain .com 1th
  • User Access + Web Edit Guide
  • Mobile & Live chat
  • One Year Online Web
  • Hosting Storage Unlimited
  • Free Posting Unlimited
  • 2 page costum Desain
  • Email Profesional SSL Unlimited

Custom Design Options

Explanation of Package Prices Above >>

The package prices above are included in the menu next to the included prices 

  • Basic and UKM packages include 1 home page / landing page and contact settings
  • 1x Design Revision,
  • The Business Package includes copywriting, custom design for 1 Home Page / Landingpage and contact
  • Business and gold packages include .com domain email and unlimited hosting for 1 year
  • Business package includes 5 landing pages according to demo, copywriting, 2 page custom design.
  • Costum Design, Copywriting, Domain, hosting, email for SME packages  
  • Price does not include costs for adding plugins or tools outside the above package (per plugin 200 thousand)
  • Addition of Image Content (50 rb per content)
  • Addition of articles (50 rb per article)
  • Addition of Video Content (editing 100 rb)
  • Addition of Landing Page (200 rb per page)
  • Addition of a standard page or post with pictures and articles (100 rb)

Easy Steps to Create a Website!

Select the website package you want. Click Demo to find out complete theme information.

Learn the website features and use the Live Demo feature to see the full appearance of the website.

Place an order after you are sure of your website choice. Follow the steps and complete the payment.

 prepare data according to the package chosen including your website name, company profile, portfolio, product images, as well as complete address, email, your sales admin contact, FB and IG info, all data is compressed in zip form then sent to the email admin@brandbisnis.com Then to activate your website, just follow the activation guide that we sent via email.

Your website will be live in a maximum of 3-7 working days 

Prices for Custom Website Creation Services

For those of you who are not satisfied with our web demo or want to create a website according to your wishes, please chat with us. for our price quote

landing page services
A landing page  is a page that has  a special function  on a website. Encourages users to focus more on one product and immediately make transactions on the website. Inviting users to take certain actions.

So that your business can be successful in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, having a Landingpage is an obligation for business people. Both from medium to large scale businesses to the smallest ones. Because, if your business is not on the internet, the opportunity to achieve success in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era is just a dream.

Of course, I can! You can start by choosing several themes that we provide, according to your needs. We also have several guides for you to manage your products on your website landing page,

For the payment system, we collaborate with Duitku with a payment gateway system, which is certainly very safe because it has been verified by Bank Indonesia and Kominfo. Complete information about Duitku can be clicked on the link here.
If you are not sure, please just come to our office address in the contact menu above

Yes. For this instant landing page creation service product, we will provide you with guidance in the form of digital guides in the form of articles or videos. If you don't want to be bothered with managing your website, you can also try our website setting service 

Can! You can use the domain that you have purchased for use in our services. However, make sure the domain you buy is pointing to our hosting. If you want it to be easier, we suggest you transfer your domain to our service to make it easier to manage.

Project or Company data to be displayed on the website, including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact
  • Social media
  • Logos
  • Image Content
  • Video Content
  • Detailed Property Information (Unit, Type, Specifications)
  • And others

We do not provide services for creating websites that contain:

  • Violation of the laws of the Republic of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Sales of haram products, usury, gambling, displaying women's private parts and other things that violate Islamic law.
  • Spreading hoaxes, immoral content and violating the norms applicable in society

Varies between 3 to 7 working days, depending on the type of website service package.

We use WordPress as a Content Management System, so you don't need to worry about coding to edit your website once it's online.

Yes, we have set our website landing page to be mobile friendly and Google SEO friendly 

For all the packages above, your website will be active for a year, and if it is approaching the expiry date, our admin will inform you about the renewal fee.